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50+ Zero & One customers in the region to digitize their businesses, El Kontar said



Cloud is taking the world by storm, with the cloud service operations skyrocketing year after year, especially with all businesses and economies moving digital.

This process of digitizing all activities leads businesses to move their data into a cloud which helps companies facilitate their work process and to provide better services to customers.

Digging into more details, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider instead of possessing their own computing infrastructure or data centers, which will cost them dearly, that is why they would be preferring to simply pay for what they use, when they use it.

As such, there will be over 100 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud by 2025, according to Cloudwards which is a Cloud Computing Statistics firm.

“Cloud data centers will process 94 percent of all workloads in 2021, having Amazon Web Services be the largest cloud computing company in the world is Amazon Web Services,” it notes.

Inside Telecom sat down with Ali El Kontar, CEO of Zero & One, a cloud native consulting partner.

Regarding the services his company provides, Ali said “Zero & One is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) advanced consulting partner which is a cloud native consulting partner. We are born in the cloud and stay backwards as a clouds first strategy.” He added: “We offer services that help our customers accelerate their journey when they want to transform their business and move to the cloud where we see cloud as a platform for innovation.”

The companies’ offerings are mostly different pillars, El Kontar highlighted, which Zero and One calls, operates, elevates, and innovates to help customers elevate to the cloud and help them operate when they are on the cloud.

He notes that “Afterwards, we open up the innovation using the cloud as a platform and how do you help your customers in the region?”

We have like 50+ customers around the region, some of which just started their digital transformation, El Kontar stressed. “This includes moving to cloud, creating future proof solutions and opening up innovation,” Ali added.

One of the many examples is Zero and One explaining to their customers or clients on their website matters regarding the cloud, such as cloud migration and the way it is changing the face of IT, as well as the benefits of migrating people’s workload to AWS and its benefits for their businesses, ending up with explaining how Zero and One can help their company’s continuity.

So as Zero & One, helping customers in their planning and execution in art of the plan, he adds, as well as making sure that they build, move, and operate smoothly with full resiliency, top security, helping them as their extended trusted technology partner during the journey.

Technically, Zero and One is an advanced consulting partner with migration competency, Ali said while answering a question about the company’s vision and future plans.

“We are looking to enrich our competencies and go to the next year which is the highest year of partnership with Amazon Services as a premiere department the first home grown premiere partner, so in the very short term you will see this announcement coming soon,” he notes.

In addition, he stressed that “Beyond that we are looking to really help different industries specifically in telecom.”

The CEO said that “Healthcare and in education where we will be engaging in building best future proof solution introducing innovation making sure our customers really thrive in this competitive world.”

Last but not least, Zero and One services include adopting the cloud and improving customers infrastructure and processes in the cloud. In addition, innovate services are about building new capabilities, new technology and innovation.

It is also worth mentioning that Amazon Web Services recently announced that they will open a new infrastructure region in the UAE by the first half of 2022, which will be the second AWS region in the Middle East after Bahrain.

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Pure Storage to help recovers data prior to being hacked



During GITEX Tech Week 2021, most of the focus was on the latest technological and telecom inventions and partnerships, however, it all remains dependent on data and the way to store it.

This was highlighted by James Petter, International Sales VP at UK-based Pure storage, saying that “We are not a security company, as we have in built security systems within our technology but the key thing for us is really to be able to roll back to the data that you had prior to being hacked.”

“If you got hacked at 10 am, can you retrieve all the data you had at 9:59:59? Yes, and doing so by using our safe mode feature within our technology that allows you to do exactly that,” Petter told Inside Telecom during a brief interview on the event floor.

The sales VP added their job is to protect that data at the point where the customer is being hacked and protect it moving forward using RTO/RPO type, in other words, “the speed of getting things back online.”

According to Petter, the decision time objective is when you get breached, which takes a millisecond, and what you want is for the system to automatically protect the data, and that is what safe mode delivers.

Regarding the future of data, Petter stressed that “It is going to grow exponentially, seeing that everybody is using applications.” According to Techjury, 463 exabytes of data will be generated each day by people as of 2025.

He added “there are three types of data: Block, File and Object. We service and provide technologies to address all of those, then what you get on top of that is the way that data is delivered, through cloud or on premise or public cloud, which our technology addresses.”

Petter further explained to Inside Telecom that the company can provide their services within on premise data centers and doing it by arranging and separating their software from their hardware to plug it into AWS, in a bid to switch from private to public cloud more fluidly.

“Putting a rap around it where we provide something called purity service which is a financial model that allows to have a subscription, cloud subscription, hybrid cloud, AI etc.,” the international VP noted.

“Our system provides very dense storage and capacity and performance storage for primary application, overlading that with pure management platform where you get your AI from,” he concluded.

Data is the essence of most, if not all, activities nowadays, especially with everything going digital. It is pivotal for companies to manage and maintain the data they collect from customers to preserve it in a secure manner.

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